Bite the Bullet, LLC. is a certified, insured, and ATF authorized FFL remanufacturing commercially loaded Ammo. Located in the leisure shooting capital of the world Las Vegas, Nevada. Ammo, Fully Processed Brass, and Reloading Projectiles in stock and all set to deliver. No limitations. Dealers and fellow Manufactures, see our site for services and components provided. Wholesale just on components.
.38 special-900fps.
100rd Box-$32.00 $0.32 per rd.
500rd box-$150.00 $0.30 per rd.
1000rd Box-$275.00 $0.27 per rd.
9mm -1150 fps.
100rd Box-$26.00 $0.26 per rd.
500rd Box-$120.00 $0.24 per rd.
1000rd Box-$215.00 $0.21 per rd.
40 S&W -1100 fps.
100rd Box-$30.00 $0.30 per rd.
500rd Box-$145.00 $0.29 per rd.
1000rd Box-$280.00 $0.28 per rd.
45 ACP-950fps.
100rd Box-$41.00 $0.41 per rd.
500rd Box-$190.00 $0.38 per rd.
1000rd Box-$365.00 $0.36 per rd.
/ 5.56 Hornady-3000fps.
100rd Box-$36.00 $0.36 per rd.
500rd Box-$170.00 $0.34 per rd.
1000rd Box-$335.00 $0.33 per rd.
308 WIN.
-2700 fps 150gr FMJBT.
100rd Box-$62.00 $0.62 per rd.
250rd Box-$154.00 $0.61 per rd.
308 WIN.
165gr Nosler Hunting Ballastic Green Tip.
100rd Box-$76.00.
250rd Box-$185.00.
300 Blackout LC Supersonic(147gr fmjbt)-1950 fps 100rd-$75.00 250rd-$180.00 500rd-$355.00 1000rd-$705.00.
Subsonics offered by custom-made order, 220/245gr. $0.89 per rd, sierras $0.21 even more.
All costs INCLUDE TAX for my locals. Citizens might select up direct. Delivering is not consisted of.
We are based in Las Vegas, Nevada offering us an instant benefit over our rivals. Since we can, Las Vegas burns with millions of rounds of ammo each and every month just. This is the recreational shooting capital of the world. We have numerous indoor and outdoor varieties that locals and travelers experience weapons and ammo they have only dreamed of. As soon as fired brass from numerous sources, with that comes quality. We acquire, totally sort, inspect, clean, and process to obtain our brass looking prepared and new to load or sell.
Suck it up is making use of quality name brand name parts from Sierra, Nosler, Hornady, Hodgdon, Accurate, CCI, Winchester, Remington, and Vihtavuori which make our remanufactured ammo carry out simply as well as manufacturing facility loads. Our large rifle rounds and custom-made orders get "Match" kind attention for you competitors out there. Case examinations, and many quality look at powder and general lengths are done throughout the procedure.
Our personnel has decades of experience on both sides of the business. The industry smart personnel and attention to detail enables us to keep our quality level up. As you have actually observed with the other huge remanufacturers employing individuals with not the slightest clue about the market, if able to dump containers and switch theyre worked with. Our staff understands the craft. We do not run trash with our weapons, and we do not anticipate our customers to. , if you have any concerns, issues, or custom-made orders one of our well-informed ballistic specialists are there to assist anytime.. We provide ammunition to some of the biggest indoor varieties in Las Vegas. Trust the avid shooters in the company.
Thank You and Happy Shooting.
Bite the Bullet, LLC.
Las Vegas, NV.

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